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Wasps and hornets can be classed as pest control themselves. They can be regarded as the gardeners friend in the early months leading to the summer.

They feed on Caterpillars and other pests, which destroy fruit and vegetable crops, that birds do not eat.

From late summer to autumn wasps change their habits and no longer require their high protein rich diets for their young and are drawn to the sweet ripening fruits and sugary drinks at picnics and garden parties.

As temperatures drop, they become lethargic and tend to crawl, instead of flying to lights and this is one of the most likely times when people get stung around the home and garden.

With the increase of warmer weather and longer summers in the UK, wasps can become an increasing problem especially in the later months and some form of pest control is needed.


Firstly it is not our intention to kill all wasps! These too have an important role to play and this is always taken into consideration.

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Wasps & Hornets

All bees are very useful and without them we would not have many.......

Honey bees & Bumblebees

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