Terms & Conditions

General Information

Public advice given is always from personal experience and knowledge obtained through long term study of the insects using fully trained Bees and Wasps professionals.

Quotations and advice are freely given and no hard sales will ever be employed. The business is covered by a full public liabilities insurance when dealing with Pest and vermin as described on this website and also covered by the BBKA  member’s insurance (British Beekeepers Association) when dealing with honeybees.


We work to a fixed price contract which will be submitted prior to any work commencing. Where estimates are offered these will be in good faith where it is impractical to ascertain exact costings and are therefore purely rule-of-thumb and should be taken as a rough guide. Contracts can be written or verbal. All prices quoted or estimated are inclusive of all labour and material costs  unless separately stated and will be formally invoiced on request.


Work and treatments are guaranteed and an occasional revisit may be necessary although one application of treatment should be adequate in most cases.

Click & Buy Outlet

A quick and easy way to purchase treatments that we have selected for you that can be used by the individual. If not administered correctly these may not work in all cases. As sales are powered through Amazon, in case of any returns, these must be directed through them.  

Website Content

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